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The Craigends Yew, Renfrewshire

Craigends Yew trunks by Judy Dowling cropped for website


Location: Houston, near Glasgow

Region: Scotland

Grid Ref: NS4199566134

Owner / Manager:

Access: There is public access to the tree via a footpath

The Craigends Yew is one of the largest and possibly oldest examples of a layering yew (Taxus baccata) in Scotland. These are yews which have chosen to lay down their branches as they grow, which then root and send up new stems. Eventually, as the central stem dies back, these can become remnants of the original tree, with identical DNA.

The tree can be found close to a housing estate by the river Gryffe in Houston.

>>Read article about the Craigends Yew by Judy Dowling, first published in Pro Arb magazine


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