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ATF East Anglia

Following the highly successful Ancient Tree Forum summer conference in East Anglia in 2015, a new local ATF group was formed for the region. The group now organises regular site meetings which are publicised on the events page.

Site meeting, Captains Wood, Sudbourne, October 2015
The group’s first site meeting was held on 17 October 2015, and included a walk through Captain’s Wood, Sudbourne, Suffolk, with Ted Green. Read about the event and the group’s future plans, in Jon Ryan’s blog.

Site meeting, Loughton Camp, Epping Forest, February 2016
Tom West, an Arborist from Norfolk, says of his first ATF event:
‘The day was labelled A guided walk around a group of incredible lapsed Beech pollards, and incredible they were. I am always thrilled to be in a new woodland and to experience it’s many interesting features, but to be amongst such incredible trees with such unique history in the company of other enthusiasts and indeed experts, was a new and brilliant experience. Jeremy Dagley’s narrative was thorough and enjoyable, and eavesdropping on the many varied conversations amongst experts and enthusiasts was inspiring and begged many questions. The trees, oh the Trees!!..I was giddy with excitement at seeing so many incredible organisms in one place. So much to see in such a short time…’

Site meeting, Ickworth, Suffolk, May 2016
Sally Clark’s blog describes the group’s visit to see the tea party oak and other ancient and veteran trees at Ickworth in Suffolk.

If you would like to know more about ATF East Anglia and also the Ancient Tree Forum, please Subscribe Here to the ATF newsletter (and remember to tick the East Anglia region).  If you are interested in being part of ATF East Anglia or have ideas for future events please email  eastanglia@ancienttreeforum.co.uk.