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ATF Cornwall

Our Cornish group formed in 2004 and now has over 200 members on the mailing list, and about 20 regular tree recorders. Led by Tim Kellett, it’s a very active group which focuses on tree management and protection, and recording trees onto the Ancient Tree Inventory.

The group works closely with the National Trust and Cornwall Council, which now shows trees that are recorded in the inventory on its planning system alongside other features such as listed buildings and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The Cornwall group holds regular field events at historic sites where they record trees, and provide advice on management, and training for local organisations such as the AONB, the Woodland Trust (for their volunteer verifiers) and community groups. The group has produced a number of reports (see below) and has also been very successful at getting stories about ancient and veteran trees into the local media.

Contact details: Call Tim Kellett on 07554 277012 or email kellett4@gmail.com