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Recording and surveying

This is critical as we need to know where our ancient and veteran trees are in order to be able to protect them.

The Ancient Tree Hunt was a five year project developed by the Ancient Tree Forum in partnership with the Woodland Trust and the Tree Register of the British Isles. The project encouraged community involvement in identifying, mapping and recording veteran, ancient and notable trees. The data collected through the project is still being added to, and is now known as the Ancient Tree Inventory. This is freely available on the Ancient Tree Hunt website, and the ATF actively promotes and encourages others to add to this database of records.

Our local, affiliated groups organise field events at which recording is carried out, so that further records can be uploaded to the Ancient Tree Inventory. Amongst the members of the Ancient Tree Forum Cornwall for example, are around 20 people who are trained to record and verify records of ancient trees, and who regularly visit National Trust and other important sites where they can record significant trees.