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Improving and sharing knowledge

An important part of our work is to develop and share our understanding of ancient trees, their biodiversity and how to manage them. We do this in a number of ways:

  • We set up and support working groups to focus on key issues for ancient trees such as tree root protection, and pests and diseases. These groups bring people together from different backgrounds and with a range of expertise (many are national experts in their fields).
  • We support research into ancient trees and their management and biodiversity.
    A list of current research needs has been drawn up, covering topics from tree population surveys to research into veteran tree management practices.
  • We provide opportunities for discussion and debate at our events
  • Ancient Tree Forum representatives sit on a number of networks and organisations where information is exchanged and knowledge deepened, from the London Tree Officers Association to Invertebrate Link. In 2015 for example, we took part in a discussion about monitoring and surveying of veteran trees at Burnham Beeches
  • We produce books and other publications including a series of Ancient Tree Guides which have been developed in partnership with the Woodland Trust
  • We produce a free, digital Ancient Tree Forum newsletter which is sent to all our supporters at least three times a year.