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Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a legacy for the Ancient Tree Forum will help us care for and protect our oldest and most special trees.

Your gift, however large or small, will make a lasting difference. You’ll want to take care of family and loved ones too, but making or changing your will is a real opportunity to give a significant gift which won’t cost you anything now.

How to leave a gift to the Ancient Tree Forum
If you already have a will, talk to a solicitor about adding a gift to the Ancient Tree Forum. If you don’t have a will yet, a solicitor will be able to help you draft one (it’s easy to find a local solicitor). You can choose to leave a Pecuniary Bequest, which is a specific amount of money, or you may prefer to leave a Residuary Bequest, which is a certain percentage of what’s left over after your other wishes have been carried out. Alternatively, you could leave us an item of value such as a painting or piece of jewellery which can be sold to support our work.  Please note that the Ancient Tree Forum is unable to offer legal or financial advice, and we recommend that you seek professional advice before you make your will.

What we will do with your legacy
Your legacy will help us champion and protect ancient and other veteran trees by:

  • Raising awareness of their wildlife, heritage and cultural value
  • Lobbying for their better protection
  • Helping to secure and expand future generations of ancient trees
  • Developing our understanding of ancient trees and how to manage them
  • Providing advice, guidance and training on managing ancient and veteran trees
  • Providing opportunities for people to enjoy ancient trees

Legacies which don’t specify how we should spend the money are particularly valuable to us, as they allow us to choose the best way of using your gift at the time

To discuss leaving a legacy or to let us know your decision
Please Contact Us Here if you have any queries. If you do decide to remember the Ancient Tree Forum in your will, you may prefer not to share your decision with us. However, if you’re happy to let us know about leaving a gift in your will, it will be encouraging for us to know that in the future your gift will help us carry on our work.

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