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The Arb Magazine

The following articles were first published in the Arb Magazine, the Arboricultural Association publication

Download Summer 2019: Tom Joye – Tree Architecture

Download Spring 2019: Jim Mullholland – Veteran tree trails

Download Winter 2018: Reg Harris – Thoughts about retrenchement pruning

Download Autumn 2018: Jim Mullholland – ATF Summer Forum 2018

Download Summer 2018: Jim Mullholland and Jill Butler – Root protection areas for veteran trees part 2

Download Spring 2018: Jim Mullholland and Sharon Hosegood – Root protection areas for veteran trees

Download Winter 2017: Jeremy Dagley – 20 years in Epping Forest

Download Autumn 2017: David Humphries – Veteran trees, extreme weather and habitat benefits

Download Summer 2017: Marion Sidebottom’s photographs and review of Nev Fay’s book

Download Spring 2017: David Lovelace – Veteran trees and wood pasture: a Herefordshire perspective

Download Winter 2016: Jim Mullholland – Veteran trees and bats: does size matter?

Download Autumn 2016: Hannah Solloway – Veteran trees – a champion in Westminster

Download Summer 2016: Suzanne Perry – Towards an inventory for wood pasture and parkland

Download Spring 2016: Alan Cathersides and Ian Rotherham – Capability Brown articles
Download Spring 2016: David Lonsdale – Powdery mildew of oak

Download Winter 2015: Ted Green – A Layman’s View

Download Autumn 2015: Luke Barley – Lime woods of the Lake District

Download Summer 2015: Keith Alexander – Oak jewel beetle and acute oak decline

Download Spring 2015: Paul Read – Traditional farm orchards in Suffolk

Download Winter 2014: Helen Read – VETree training in valuing and managing veteran trees

Download Autumn 2014: Paul Hanson – ATF Summer Forum in Scotland
Download Autumn 2014: David Humphries – Standing dead trees in the urban forest

Download Summer 2014: Reg Harris – Veteran tree training in Spain