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The following articles were first published in the arboricultural magazine Pro Arb, in the Ancient Tree Forum’s regular ‘Ancient Tree Column’

Download Autumn 2019: Norrköping Ash

Download Summer 2019: Kensington Gardens

Download Winter 2019: King Oak

Download November/December 2018: Waterloo Beech

Download October 2018: Shingles’ legacy lives on

Download July/August 2018: Jack of Kent’s Oak

Download June 2018: Arb Show Oaks

Download May 2018: Old Electric Oak

Download April 2018: Major Oak

Download March 2018: Cromwell’s Oak

Download January/February 2018: Gilwell Oak

Download November 2017: Knighthayes Holly

Download October 2017: the Epping Forest lapsed pollards

Download September 2017: the Covenanter’s Oak, North Lanarkshire

Download August 2017: Jack’s Yak, Cumbria

Download July 2017: Bowthorpe Oak, Lincolnshire

Download June 2017: Kingley Vale Yews, Sussex

Download May 2017: The Wishing Tree, Ashtead Common, Surrey

Download April 2017: standing dead tree at Hampstead Heath, London

Download March 2017: The Marton Oak, Cheshire

Download February 2017: The Craigends Yew, Renfrewshire

Download January 2017: The Brimmon Oak, Powys, Wales

Download December 2016: Beech trees at New King Barrows, Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Download November 2016: The Belvoir Oak, Belfast

Download October 2016: Plas Newydd beech tree, North Wales

Download September 2016: The Richmond Park Royal Oak

Download August 2016: Birch with the upturned hands, Cumbria

Download July 2016: Tortworth Chestnut, Gloucestershire

Download June 2016: Bulbarrow Yew in Dorset

Download May 2016: Hollow oak in Burghley Park, Lincolnshire

Download April 2016: The Cubbington Pear, Warwickshire

Download March 2016: The Cage Pollard, Buckinghamshire

Download February 2016: The Darley Oak, Cornwall

Download January 2016: Staverton Birch, Suffolk

Download December 2015: The Fraternal Four, Borrowdale

Download November 2015: The Meavy (Royal) Oak, Devon

Download October 2015: The Royal Oak at Boscobel House, Shropshire

Download September 2015: The Tolpuddle Martyrs sycamore, Dorset

Download August 2015: Copper beech tree, Frome

Download June 2015: Birnam oak and sycamore, Perthshire

Download April 2015: Ankerwycke yew, Runnymede

Download February  2015: Roger Deakin’s Thorpeness Apple

Download December 2014: Linton Yew, Herefordshire

Download October 2014: Crusader Oak, Dorset