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7th August 2018

Woodland Trust seeking Volunteer Ancient Tree Verifiers

Ancient Tree Verifier

Woodland Trust

Home-based UK wide

Volunteer • Part Time

The Woodland Trust looking for volunteers to join their existing team of verifiers who verify the recordings of ancient, notable and veteran trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI). You’ll use your knowledge of trees, data entry and map reading skills to verify the entries provided by recorders.

Ancient trees form a vital part of our landscape, heritage and biodiversity. The ATI is a great way of celebrating these amazing trees. The Woodland Trust use the data on the ATI to raise awareness and help protect our trees for the future. It’s also used by planners, developers and ecologists to show where our most important trees are. By helping to develop the map of these important specimens you’ll be helping us to take a vital step towards the better protection of ancient and veteran trees.

Anyone is welcome to register on the ATI website and record new trees or add photos to existing records. Once registered recorders can add new records or propose updates to existing records. They record some key information about each tree, primarily the location girth and species, they can also provide additional information about the tree including evidence of fungi, epiphytes and tree condition.

Verifiers are asked to check the information provided by recorders, and where possible add to it and allocate a veteran status (ancient, veteran or notable). Verifiers also seek out new trees to record and ensure the records in their area are as up to date as possible.

Your role will contribute to their aim of protecting ancient trees across the UK.

This is a home-based role; access to a pc, internet and email address will be required.

For more details about this role please visit their website.

Woodland Trust Website

Posted by: Julia Nicholas

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  • Martin Turner says:
    Posted June 03, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    I would like to think that I could get back this summer and do a bit of verifying again. Everything seems to have changed on the site, please send me a brief as to how I can access the site. Thank you

    • Kate Crook says:
      Posted June 04, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      Hi Martin if you go to https://ati.woodlandtrust.org.uk/ you will be able to access the site. Please let me know if you need more information. Many thanks Kate


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