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16th April 2018

Veteran Tree Management Standards finalised


The Ancient Tree Forum is one of ten European partners in the VETcert, a project seeking to develop a certification scheme for those who work with veteran trees. In December the Ancient Tree Forum launched a public consultation to seek views on the draft standards and determine areas in need of improvement. With over 350 responses received, the public consultation was deemed a success.

In March the partners met in Brno, Czech Republic to discuss various project matters, including the Veteran Tree Management Standards. Each partner provided feedback from their own country and the Ancient Tree Forum chaired discussions on how to incorporate any necessary amendments. At the end of the meeting a finalised set of Veteran Tree Management Standards was produced. These standards will form the bedrock on which the rest of the project is built.

The development of Veteran Tree Management Standards has taken over a year to complete and is a significant achievement. The Ancient Tree Forum would like to thank all of those who have contributed to help improve these standards and further the discipline of veteran tree management.

The next stages of the project have begun in earnest with work underway to produce two new education videos, similar to those produced as part of the VETree project. The topics of these will be ‘pole thinning of lapsed pollards’ and ‘reduction via ring barking’. Pro Natura, the partner leading on this element, is also using feedback from the public consultation to determine the need for any additional training material.

With the Veteran Tree Management Standards now complete, the Arboricultural Association has begun working on developing a system to set up the accreditation scheme. This element will be completed over the next six months and will identify how the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the scheme will work.

Further updates will be provided during course of the project. If you have any queries about VETcert please Contact Us Here

Posted by: Jim Mullholland Jim is the Ancient Tree Forum's Training and Technical Officer. He has a background in ecology and arboriculture, and has worked as a tree officer. He has a particular interest in veteran trees and bats.

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  • edward phillios says:
    Posted April 19, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    thank you.

  • DAVE HAMILL says:
    Posted November 03, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Where can I read a copy of the standards for veteran tree management


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