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12th February 2016

Help us get ancient trees into the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People

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The Woodland Trust is leading a campaign to celebrate the value of our trees and woods and to secure their future, and the Ancient Tree Forum is one of many organisations to join them in calling for a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

It is vital that the very  special qualities of ancient and veteran trees, and the additional threats they face, are fully reflected in the Charter, and the ATF’s supporters can help us achieve this.

The UK’s woods and trees are facing unprecedented pressures from development, disease and climate change and are at risk of being lost or damaged by land management changes, and  neglect.  This is especially so if they are undervalued and forgotten. The idea of the charter is to highlight the everyday benefits that we all gain from woods and trees in our lives, for everyone, from Government to businesses, communities and individuals.

‘Ancient and other veteran trees have a unique value and particular vulnerability, and we need to ensure that this is reflected in the charter’ says Caroline Davis, who leads the ATF’s Policy and Consultation group. ‘There are two ways in which you can do you this: you can become a ‘charter champion’ and bring your community together to celebrate your local ancient and veteran trees, and you can share your ideas and personal stories about ancient trees. You may want to look at the ATF’s Concordat to see some of the ways we believe we can secure the future of ancient trees.’

The new charter will be launched in November 2017, which marks 800 years since Henry lll signed the original Charter of the Forest. This influential charter protected and restored the rights of people to access and use the Royal Forests. The idea of the new charter is that it recognises the importance of trees in our society, celebrates their enormous contribution to our lives, and acts now so that future generations can benefit from them too.  It will then provide guidance and inspiration for policy, practice, innovation and enjoyment.

Find out how to become a charter champion, and upload your tree story

Posted by: Hannah Solloway Hannah is the Development Officer for the Ancient Tree Forum.

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