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18th January 2017

Gold medal for Ted

Nev Fay

Ted Green at Cadzow

Ted Green, the Ancient Tree Forum’s Founder President, has been awarded the Royal Forestry Society (RFS)’s highest honour – a Gold Medal for Distinguished Services to Forestry.

In proposing Ted for the award, Derick Stickler of the RFS said that ‘he speaks with passion and enthusiasm, and presents his audience with ideas that are often treated with scepticism at first, but which are now part of mainstream debate in forestry and arboriculture circles.’  Or, as Ted likes to joke, ‘They seem to like me shouting at them!’

The RFS also credits Ted with bridging the gaps between forestry and conservation and influencing the debate in forestry and arboriculture for more than 50 years. Derek Stickler, who worked with Ted at Windsor for more than 20 years, said ‘Through Ted’s work with the Windsor Estate it could be demonstrated to practicing forestry professionals, conservationists and students that silviculture and conservation are not mutually exclusive.’

Ted too feels that his main achievement is having pushed for the recognition among foresters, of the value of ancient trees. ‘Biodiversity works for timber production’, he says.

It was the people involved in forestry that first drew Ted to trees, he explains. ‘People who are connected to trees are special sort of people’. As a child during the war, he would often spend time with foresters at Windsor (‘the old foresters, the young ones had gone to war’). Later, he got to know the Canadian lumberjacks who came over to work there.

Ted has received many awards over the years, but he’s especially proud of the RFS award: ‘This medal represents recognition for the huge value of ancient trees,’ he says.

Posted by: Hannah Solloway Hannah is the Development Officer for the Ancient Tree Forum.

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  • Colin Bayes says:
    Posted April 07, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Well done Ted. A deserved award for a great bloke with so much enthusiasm for working with nature in managing ancient trees and woodlands in the landscape. I had the pleasure of several site visits with Ted at the National Trust Runnymede and Ankerwycke Estate, between 2000 and 2005, when I was Head Warden. Ted guided me on managing Hazel coppice woodland with oak standards, as well as advocating a method of re-instating (propping up) fallen deadwood trees, so that they retained their value as standing deadwood with decay. He also used to cast an eye over the may veteran trees on the property. Many thanks Ted. Best wishes. Colin Bayes

  • Martin Flint says:
    Posted April 07, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Congratulations Ted and greetings from the frozen north over here in Canada! Keep up the good work my friend. Sheila sends her love.


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