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Tuesday 31st January to Wednesday 1st February 2017

Veteran tree management course at Hatfield

Location: Hatfield Forest

Brian Muelaner

Collapsing oak at Hatfield

This comprehensive two-day course is for anyone with veteran trees in their care – countryside managers, arborists and advisors.

Many different types of specialist tree management are carried out at Hatfield Forest, and trustees and co-opted supporters of the Ancient Tree Forum are among the leading experts in their field who facilitate professional courses there in partnership with the National Trust.

This course will provide you with the necessary toolkit to effectively manage your veteran tree population. Hatfield Forest is the perfect case study due to its long term, consistent approach to pioneering ‘environmental’ arboriculture (Fay,2002). Using a mixture of classroom and outdoor sessions, Day One will provide the background knowledge surrounding the management of veteran trees, the ageing process, surveys, practical techniques for conservation and considerations when using contractors. During Day Two you will get to see demonstrations of work being done on some veteran trees. The final session will summarise the morning’s work and also discuss how this type of arboriculture can be put into practice at your own site.

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For details call 01279 870678 or email nicky.daniel@nationaltrust.org.uk

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