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Thursday 9th March 2017

Spring field event to Dallington Forest

Location: Dallington Forest, Wood's Corner, East Sussex


Dallington Forest is one of the most remote large forests in the south east of England, with ghyll woodland (native woodland on steep-sided valleys), ancient and other veteran beech trees and ancient coppice.

The forest is now fragmented into many sites with different ownership, and Jamie Simpson has invited the Ancient Tree Forum to see the conservation work at the area he manages, part of which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Themes for discussion will include the history and archaeology of the site and how these inform the site’s management, continuity of ancient trees, and management of ancient beech and coppice. There will be specialist presentations by Dr Peter Buckley, Dr Nicola Bannister, John Smith, Simon Cole, Luke Barley and Jim Smith-Wright.

It should be noted that this is a remote site with no toilets or other facilities, and that there are steep, slippery slopes. There are no shops nearby so it is essential to bring a packed lunch.

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This trip is now fully booked and we are operating a reserve list (there are fewer places available due to access issues at the site). If you would like to put your name on the reserve list please email admin@ancienttreeforum.co.uk with details including phone numbers.


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