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Wednesday 16th May to Thursday 17th May 2018

Tree Archaeology conference

Location: Sheffield Hallam University

SYBRG (UKeconet) & partners are organising a 2-day conference on the theme of ‘Tree Archaeology’ looking at the archaeology and heritage at the core of understanding treescapes. This multi-disciplinary event will link the managed woodland or individual tree to their processing and utilisation in historic buildings, other structures and processes. The event will bring together veteran tree specialists, dendrochronologists, archaeologists, vernacular building architects and technologists, ecologists and woodland historians to discuss the history and technology of woodland management, processes and products.

Speakers include: Keith Alexander, Suzi Richer, Rob Jarman, Cathy Tyers, Chris Dobbs, Della Hooke, Ted Green, Ian Rotherham, Doug Evans, Joe Thompson and Coralie Mills.

Further information and details of the programme will be available on the events page of the website www.ukeconet.org.

This is one of the events in the programme of ‘Wilder Visions- reconstructing nature for the 21st century’ series running over the next 2 years to a landmark conference in 2020.

See the outline programme and book a place here.

A further 3-day event is also planned in September 2019 which will have a broader remit developing the main themes from this year with presentations from other European countries and elsewhere with different and/ or more recent traditions of management, production and process in woodlands. It will also include a living archaeology theme. Further contributions from the UK will of course still be welcome and the conference will include poster presentations and displays, a site visit and living archaeology display.



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  • Paul Wood says:
    Posted April 17, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    A bit Ironic having a conference on trees in the one City that appears to have little or no respect for trees in the UK.

  • Phillip Ellis says:
    Posted June 25, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Having just had a look round Sheffield last week I find it hard to believe the city have no respect for trees, amazing woodlands i.e. Rivelin valley. They are just trying to manage their highways and street trees in places are a problem where it may be best to remove and replant..


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