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Risk management

Ancient and other veteran trees may become threatened through management work that falls under the umbrella of ‘risk management’. This is a complex subject with many interacting factors. The following are sources of information that may be useful when considering appropriate risk management measures.

Ancient and other veteran trees: further guidance on management (2013)

This handbook provides guidance on assessing the need for undertaking tree work. It can be purchased from the website, or downloaded at no cost as a PDF from our online bookshop.

Common sense risk management of trees (2011)

This book provides an easily accessible, but comprehensive, guide to tree risk management. It includes the level of risk posed by trees in context with other risks, summarises relevant UK law, responsible and balanced tree management and provides some examples to help understanding of how this guidance could be applied. It is also available as a free download or to purchase, through the National Tree Safety Group , along with other supporting publications.

Veteran Trees: A guide to risk and responsibility (2000)

This book provides a concise guide to reasonable risk management of trees with a particular focus on ancient and other veteran trees, and can be downloaded from the Ancient Tree Forum’s online bookshop.

 Video: Common sense risk management of veteran trees

This video provides an introduction to hazards and risk and provides context on the level of risk posed by trees compared to other day-to-day activities. It also sets out broad principles for management options that can help reduce the risk posed and are sympathetic to the values veteran trees offer. It is available to download from the Ancient Tree Forum’s resources pages.