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Pitt’s Arch Beech. Note temporary, wooden props on flank wall. (2008)


Pitt’s Arch Beech. Note metal, adjustable props on flank wall. (2015)


Aerial inspection. (2007)


Excavating to identify root location around foundations of Pitt’s Arch. (2011)


Stem of Pitt’s Arch Beech. Note Perenniporia fraxinea fruiting bodies just visible in the middle of the image. (2014)


Decay mapping using a tomography. (2018)


Decay mapping using a tomography. (2018)


View before before cable bracing installed. (2019)


View before after cable bracing installed. (2019)


Cable bracing being installed. (2019)


Cable bracing installed. (2019)


All photographs © David Humphries