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Ancient and other veteran trees are a vital and treasured part of our history, and our natural and cultural landscape, and Britain is thought to have the greatest number of ancient trees in northern Europe. The Ancient Tree Forum seeks to secure the long term future of these ecosystems through promoting best management and conservation practice, lobbying governments over their recognition and protection, encouraging research, and increasing people’s enjoyment of old trees.

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Thursday 12th October 2017

ATF Autumn field meeting to Lyscombe Farm, Dorset

This Autumn's field event takes place at Lyscombe Farm, a family-run mixed farm in the Dorset Downs. Veteran trees, predominantly Ash, grow both on the chalk downland

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Ancient and Other Veteran Trees

Book by the Ancient Tree Forum & the Woodland Trust

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Veteran tree management

A series of videos produced by the VETree project to encourage good practice in the management of veteran trees.

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